Axe Racing

Axe Racing is an independent race team founded and managed by Axel Brown. Established in 2019 Axe Racing ltd has been the operating company for Axel’s bobsleigh team which has gone on to compete at an Olympic Games, World Championships, and multiple international competitions.

Axe Racing


Axe Racing Bobsleigh consists of both a 2-man and 4-man bobsleigh team, competing for the nation of Trinidad & Tobago, and governed by the TTBSF. It comprises 5 competing athletes as well as a reserve contingent of another 3 athletes.

The team competed in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and is currently aiming for the Milan 2026 Olympics. Qualifying in both the 2-man and 4-man would be the first time any team from Trinidad & Tobago has attended an Olympics in both events.


Axe Racing was formed out of a necessity to move away from the toxic mismanagement by the British Bobsleigh Team. As such, at its very core are the values of respect, accountability, and fairness. Though as an elite sports team, results are the goal they must never, and will never come at the cost of compromising values.

Axe Racing is the only bobsleigh team in the world committed to carbon neutrality and offsets all of its emissions from bobsleigh activities with the planting of trees around the UK. It also continues to raise money and awareness for Oddballs, a charity aiding men with testicular cancer.

Bobsleigh sliding


Should you wish to sponsor Axe Racing ltd, that would mean sponsoring exclusively the Men’s team run by Axel Brown as opposed to the entire Trinidad & Tobago bobsleigh Team.

As the team is run like an F1 team, there are ample opportunities for unique paddock experiences, brand awareness, content creation and much more. Please get in contact for a full sponsorship proposal pack.