The Trinidad and Tobago Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (TTBSF) is the national federation created to oversee the sliding sports in Trinidad & Tobago. First created in the early 90’s to facilitate the participation of Gregory Sun in the 1994 Winter Olympics, the federation was recently rejuvenated to do the same for Axel Brown and his team at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The TTBSF is recognised by the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF), and is in place to make sure that all of its competing athletes are doing so in a safe, and professional manner. It also exists to make sure that all teams competing within its remit are doing so while upholding the values of the nation of Trinidad & Tobago, and are representing our nation with pride and good intentions.


Trinidad and Tobago Bobsleigh

The TTBSF currently only consists of a bobsleigh contingent. However, following on from the successes of Beijing 2022, as well as new disciplines being offered by the IBSF it aims to grow the reach of the federation and to include as many team, both men’s and women’s, as possible.

The federation itself is in place to facilitate the competition of its constituent teams in international competitions, and does not currently operate any bobsleigh operations directly. It is the current job of the federation to make sure that all athletes are adequately registered, insured, and educated in the disciplines they hope to compete in. It also exists to make decisions with regards to athlete selection, and to ensure the values of the federation and sport in Trinidad and Tobago are upheld.

Women’s Bobsleigh and Skeleton

The IBSF has recently introduced the sport of “Monobob” (single-person bobsleigh) exclusively for women. This was created to make the sport more accessible for women in a sport which can be expensive and difficult to become established in. If you are interested in starting the women’s contingent of the TTBSF please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possibilities.

Bobsleigh sliding

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bobsleigh?

A bobsleigh is a vehicle which is used for sliding down an ice track. It can also be known as a “bobsled”, or just a “sled”.

How Fast is a Bobsleigh?

A bobsleigh can reach speeds of up to 100mph (160kph), with the fastest ever bobsleigh being just shy of the 100mph mark at 159kph, set by Francesco Friedrich in the 4-man event of the 2019 World Championships in Whistler, Canada.

How Many People are in a Bobsleigh?

The sport of bobsleigh consists of three subcategories, Monobob (1-person), 2-Person, and 4-man. Women compete in Monobob and 2-person, while men compete in 2-person and 4-man bobsleigh.

How Do You Start Doing Bobsleigh?

Starting bobsleigh will be different for each nation, and each respective governing body. However most athletes will go to a tryout of sorts where they will be tested on the key principles of being a good bobsledder, which are power, speed, strength, and weight.

How Do I Try-out for T&T bobsleigh?

If you are interested in becoming a bobsledder for T&T, use out Contact Page, or Recruitment Page to reach out to us.

Who is on the T&T Bobsleigh Team?

To see the current members of the Trinidad and Tobago Bobsleigh Team, head to our Athletes Page

Does Trinidad and Tobago have a Bobsleigh team?

Trinidad and Tobago has competed in the sport of bobsleigh since 1994, and has raced in four Olympic Games. Most recently the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Piloted by Axel Brown

Are Trinidad and Tobago Good at Bobsleigh?

Trinidad and Tobago placed 28th in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and were ranked 39th out of 33 competitors in the world in the 2021-2022 season.